Gaming tilts me but Osu! doesn’t

It’s been a while since I’ve posted but I’m still here! A lot of things have been going on…like exams, homework, and obviously gaming. I have been trying to climb ranks on League of Legends but it’s just tilt after tilt after tilt. Every time I do well during laning phase, the team fights just trumps everything. There’s always no synergy. It is as if this elo, everyone is just brain dead because everyone just wants to carry but they don’t take into consideration that teammates are part of the whole idea of “winning.”

I’m really glad that I’m not super super affected by it though and I just shrug. Anyways! I have a lot of midterms and exams this month. It’s going to be hell, but I’m trying to play games once in a while to calm myself down and relax. I have been playing Summoners War for a month straight now, League of Legends here and there and also Osu! I probably won’t get into too much details because I’ll probably make another post about that.

Anyways, I haven’t played Osu! in a while so my movement is really choppy and missing easy circles all over the place but it was a fun map overall. I really miss back in the days when I used to just spam playing Osu! because my internet was down.

Sincerely, J.
See you next time!



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