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It’s been a while since I posted! 

Hi guys! I’m back today with a quick update since I haven’t posted in a while. I haven’t been doing anything special recently since it’s my summer break and I still have about 2 months until I go back to school. All I have been doing is using my savings bit by bit, go out from time to time to eat with friends and play games online. Since it is summer break, I’m left here without a job and no income but I will be back and ready in September when all the adorable little kids are back in school ! I will probably try to post here more often to try to gain more followers!đź’•

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If I ever have a child, …

I would never compare my child with someone else’s.
I will probably get a lot of negative response from this but I just wanted to put my own experience out here.

I grew up in a typical Chinese household. My parents immigrated from Hong Kong and China to provide my brother and I a better education and life. Basically, a better opportunity to shine. Unfortunately, many of my cousins and even my own brother, dropped out of college and so far, I am the only one who is currently attending a 4 year college. You might all say, “oh.. I am very lucky because my parents won’t be able to compare me to my relatives” but that’s not true. My mom compares me to her co-workers’ sons and daughters.  This started ever since I was in middle school, ranging from which school I got accepted in to my grades, behavior, attitude, my weight, skin, and even my hobbies.

Now… many people would argue that comparisons would make their own child be more competitive and do better in life but I want to say that is not true. A person should find their own competition and their own goal in life. A parent’s job should be to guide and support their child not give them stress, negative comments, and create competitions. Your son or daughter might be hardworking and fine now but are they happy in life? Do they despise you? Because there are times where I have thoughts that I despise my own parents even though I know they just want the best for me.

I have heard this statement many times already:
“Justin is going to be a doctor, and my other co-worker’s daughter is doing Nursing like why would you even choose Business as a major?!” 

My mother crushed my dreams.
Many people have asked me “What do I like to do?” or “What would I like to major in?”
but that question will forever be unanswered in my heart because my mother have constantly downgraded me and compared me to her co-workers’ sons and daughters, claiming how they have chose nursing, law, engineering or they went to Baruch, Hunter…”why did you transfer to Brooklyn College? It is such a bad school compare to the rest. What is wrong with you?” Comments like these have made me doubt my decisions, blinded me in what I genuinely want to do and pursue in life.

I just want to keep this post short but send a message. Let us choose our own path. Be there to support us. Parents have the right to give suggestions but don’t compare us. Let us find our own hardships. Let us experience our own harsh world but don’t be the one to create it. There will always be another person who is better than your own child and it is a never ending cycle. There are different ways to encourage your child to do better in school, to have a successful career and have a wonderful life.


There are many successful people in today’s society who didn’t have a STEM major. JUST SAYING.




With Love, J. 


Gaming tilts me but Osu! doesn’t

It’s been a while since I’ve posted but I’m still here! A lot of things have been going on…like exams, homework, and obviously gaming. I have been trying to climb ranks on League of Legends but it’s just tilt after tilt after tilt. Every time I do well during laning phase, the team fights just trumps everything. There’s always no synergy. It is as if this elo, everyone is just brain dead because everyone just wants to carry but they don’t take into consideration that teammates are part of the whole idea of “winning.”

I’m really glad that I’m not super super affected by it though and I just shrug. Anyways! I have a lot of midterms and exams this month. It’s going to be hell, but I’m trying to play games once in a while to calm myself down and relax. I have been playing Summoners War for a month straight now, League of Legends here and there and also Osu! I probably won’t get into too much details because I’ll probably make another post about that.

Anyways, I haven’t played Osu! in a while so my movement is really choppy and missing easy circles all over the place but it was a fun map overall. I really miss back in the days when I used to just spam playing Osu! because my internet was down.

Sincerely, J.
See you next time!


Tips on Treating Acne!

Okay, I am going to try my best to keep this as short and simple as possible. I am not going to tell you to rub some mud with some pumpkin seeds and say this is some natural remedy that will cure your acne but I am going to tell you some tips that some people neglect.


We all did our research, we all know what Acne is … it is blah blah blah plugged with oil and all that gunk and it’s red…annoying, sometimes painful…hard to put on get the point. You had it for a while, you tried almost all the acne medication there is ranging from Minocycline, Doxycycline, Tazorac, Aczone, Epiduo, the stuff you get from Sephora that is like $50 for a bottle of ointment that contains Salicylic Acid but you can get that at Target for like $10. I get it…but have you ever wonder why all those stuff doesn’t work? I worked at a Dermatology office as a Medical Assistant for 2 years and during that time majority of the patients who came back for a follow-up, complained that the medication we prescribed them did not CURE their acne and it just keeps coming back. I just want to say that, majority of the acne medication out there causes your skin to be DRY. Yes, there are many different kinds of acne ranging from hormonal problems to simple breakouts but most of them are due to excess oil, clogged follicles. I understand after washing your face with these Acne wash with Salicylic Acid, it feels clean and dry but this is also the golden time where you whip out your moisturizer to seal in moisture. To tell your face, I have enough moisture and oil ..PLEASE DO NOT PRODUCE ANYMORE OIL ON MY FACE. Because if you don’t, your face will go nuts and be like “Oh no..I am so dry..let me produce some oil to moisturize my face” and the side effect of that is heyyyy I got some more pimples coming back out. Now..I know y’all hate putting these THICK cream or lotion and it feels disgusting on your face that’s flaming hot and painful with these bumps…but you still need it. People with oily face throughout the day are actually people with dry skin. The face gets really dry that their skin produces more oil to counteract the dry skin hence they get oily.

Item Recommendation: 

m2261.jpg (500Ă—500)

Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence 

This is the Time Revolution Essence from Missha. This is literally a miracle water essence that contains 80% Fermented Yeast Concentrate (saccharomyces ferment filtrate), which absorbs into skin instantly. Many consider this as a dupe of the SK-II essence but cheaper. I would get into more details but it would make this post extra long (Comment below if you want me to do a review). I just want to point out that I had horrible acne about 6 months ago and I understand the pain of not wanting to moisturize our face because it doesn’t feel right. Why would we want to put more oil and moisturizer on top of our skin when it feels like this? Am I right? In comparison to the SK-II essence, this is a much thicker watery consistency than the SK-II. I found that with acne-type skin, you need to use the product at least a week for your skin to adapt to it. Don’t use it for a day and give up. You should be doing this to all products to test out its max potential. Everyone’s skin is different and unique and although this works for many people, it might not work for you but use this as a guide to find a suitable consistency for your skin. One that will not clog your pores but give your moisture throughout the day so you will not have to produce more oil.


Everyone is underestimating the power of the sun. I swear. Everyone thinks it is alright to not wear sunscreen or they think the SPF in their foundation is enough. But it’s not. The sun irritates your skin. It is slowly damaging your skin. You might not be able to see the difference because you are looking at your face every single day but it is slowly changing. As a matter of fact, the acne marks you still have on your face is most likely due to the lack of sun protection and mama sun goddess shining at you saying hi every single day (Just because it is a cloudy day doesn’t mean you don’t need SPF). Do yourself a favor and put some SPF on your face to prevent further damage and let your acne scars heal faster.

Item Recommendation: 


Neutrogena Clear Face Break-out Free SPF 30

This is the Neutrogena Clear Face Break-out Free SPF 30 and I honestly think it is one of my to-go sunscreen. It’s a drugstore brand, you can find it in any pharmacy. The problem is when people hear about “sunscreen” they think of the thick, creamy and nasty smell of the sunscreen people put when they go to the beach but it is not. The sunscreen you put on your face is more sheer and not as strong as the body sunscreen. Honestly, a daily sunscreen, 30-45 SPF is more than enough. Anything above 45 SPF is mainly for a long period of sun exposure like going hiking or having a picnic at the park.


Don’t just rely on one method and wish for your acne to go away. It doesn’t work like that. Don’t just rely on acne medications. If you are using acne medications, use it alongside with your suitable skin care routine. Don’t just rely on medications, treatments, masks, creams, but take care of your skin internally as well. Detox does wonders, and one way to do that is drink lots of water with a slice of squeezed lemon in combination of your routine.

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Ragnarok Clicker … click click click


Lately, I’ve been reminiscing about the old days when MMORPGs used to be the hit. Back when MapleStory, FlyFF, Trickster online, LaTale, Grandchase … I mean… who can forget about Ragnarok Online out of the bunch alongside with MapleStory. Ever since League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2, Overwatch… the mainstream games came out, MMORPGs have been diminished, annihilated, CONQUERED!!!! I’m just kidding. They just have been pushed into the back, slowly sinking and almost all the MMORPGs’ fanbase migrated to Moba games. Which PC gamer in this world have not heard of League of Legends or CounterStrike ?

Anyways, I was on Steam the other day and I was searching through some games and came across Tree of Savior but… that will be another post annndddd I found Ragnarok Clicker. It is literally Clicker Heroes but a slapped-on Ragnarok  version of it. If you’re not familiar with Clicker Heroes and how the game works.. you literally click, earn money and use the money to buy more damage (DPS). You repeat the process and you pass zones. It’s like a satisfaction of grinding and gaining gold to obtain more damage. In this case, Ragnarok Clicker, you kill the monsters from the game and they drop Zeny, their currency. It just brings back so many memories. You then use the money to hire the Ragnarok game’s character classes. Each of them have certain DPS and you use Zeny to level them up and buy their skills to deal more DPS. Almost every 5 levels or 10, there is a boss stage where there is a timer for 30 seconds and you have to defeat it before passing onto the next stage. Usually, your highest zone’s boss is pretty hard to AFK and just leaving it to deal DPS on its own so you have to click rapidly until you defeat the stage. This is a game where you can just leave it out in the background and AFK. I leave this game on in the background while I play Tree of Savior and just obtain achievements and Zeny. Although if you exit the game, your hired characters will still automatically clear stages so you will be able to still get Zeny once you come back. Since they have this game on the phone as well, I normally just play this in class here and there to pass time and go back to taking notes and paying attention. As you unlock more zones in this game, more features gets unlocked and you can create your username, form a guild and so on… Since I just started, my highest zone is around 60-70 on PC and Mobile so I will update in the future!