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Ragnarok Clicker … click click click


Lately, I’ve been reminiscing about the old days when MMORPGs used to be the hit. Back when MapleStory, FlyFF, Trickster online, LaTale, Grandchase … I mean… who can forget about Ragnarok Online out of the bunch alongside with MapleStory. Ever since League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2, Overwatch… the mainstream games came out, MMORPGs have been diminished, annihilated, CONQUERED!!!! I’m just kidding. They just have been pushed into the back, slowly sinking and almost all the MMORPGs’ fanbase migrated to Moba games. Which PC gamer in this world have not heard of League of Legends or CounterStrike ?

Anyways, I was on Steam the other day and I was searching through some games and came across Tree of Savior but… that will be another post annndddd I found Ragnarok Clicker. It is literally Clicker Heroes but a slapped-on Ragnarok  version of it. If you’re not familiar with Clicker Heroes and how the game works.. you literally click, earn money and use the money to buy more damage (DPS). You repeat the process and you pass zones. It’s like a satisfaction of grinding and gaining gold to obtain more damage. In this case, Ragnarok Clicker, you kill the monsters from the game and they drop Zeny, their currency. It just brings back so many memories. You then use the money to hire the Ragnarok game’s character classes. Each of them have certain DPS and you use Zeny to level them up and buy their skills to deal more DPS. Almost every 5 levels or 10, there is a boss stage where there is a timer for 30 seconds and you have to defeat it before passing onto the next stage. Usually, your highest zone’s boss is pretty hard to AFK and just leaving it to deal DPS on its own so you have to click rapidly until you defeat the stage. This is a game where you can just leave it out in the background and AFK. I leave this game on in the background while I play Tree of Savior and just obtain achievements and Zeny. Although if you exit the game, your hired characters will still automatically clear stages so you will be able to still get Zeny once you come back. Since they have this game on the phone as well, I normally just play this in class here and there to pass time and go back to taking notes and paying attention. As you unlock more zones in this game, more features gets unlocked and you can create your username, form a guild and so on… Since I just started, my highest zone is around 60-70 on PC and Mobile so I will update in the future!